Casumo software provider unveils new games technology

Casumo takes great pride in working only with the best software developers out there. The goal is to liceogoprovide players with games they can trust and also enjoy something that IGT has brilliantly done since the agreement was signed.

Fast-forward several years later and the casino is now offering similar games to those who play over the Internet.

Whether you choose to gamble from the comfort of your home or use a mobile device and play on the move, the new games are guaranteed to surprise you.

IGT announced the new lineup of titles at the ICE gaming convention and the audience was utterly impressed. These games have the particularity of using the latest technologies including the mid-air haptic and gesture-based tech. Compared to the games currently available, this is fringe technology that has the potential of turning the industry on its head. There are not many online casinos capable of implementing such titles, so players will have a relatively narrow list of alternatives.


Casumo casino is luckily on the list and it will be able to add such games to its lineup relatively quickly. Players will need to arm themselves with patience for the time being, since it can take a while until the games will be available. The next step might be to purchase specialized technology, such as the VR gear which will allow them to step inside the virtual world. The good news is that the games are an investment worth making and players won’t have to break the bank to acquire the necessary gear.

As always, there is a price to pay if you want to enjoy the very best games available and this is always the price of innovation. IGT has invested a lot of money in the development of these games and has every intention to release them as soon as possible. They are probably the made available gradually, so players have the time to get familiar with one titles before moving on to the other. VR technology is the future of video games and online casinos make no exception, so players have something to look forward to.

Furthermore, there is a good chance for these games to run move on mobile devices, which are now almost as powerful as computers and consoles. Sampson has already pioneered VR games and Casumo casino allows players to enjoy their favorite games on Android powered device

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